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Bob Dylan sang "Times They are a-Changin'." A line from that song is "you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone." This could easily be the theme of the 2013 Law Review Symposium. The Symposium was about change. Change that has come, is coming, and will (or should) come to the world of legal ethics and professional responsibility-as well as the consequences of refusing to recognize and adapt to change. The Symposium was prompted by work of the American Bar Association's Ethics 20/ 20 Commission, established in 2009 by then President Carolyn B. Lamm. The Commission was tasked with evaluating (with 20/20 vision) the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and making recommendations for necessary revisions as a result of "advances in technology and global legal practice developments."' The goal of the Symposium was to consider issues addressed by the Commission as well as those left unaddressed. The hope is that these articles continue the discussion and contribute to the debate of how lawyer ethics and professional responsibility should evolve in a world that that is quickly changing.


2013 Mississippi College Law Review Symposium Introduction