A veteran’s sacrifice reverberates across every inch of our great Nation. From the most minor child to our wisest elders, the lasting impact of a veteran’s service applies equally. The freedoms that each American holds dear came from the hands of those people who served in the United States armed forces. As the adage goes, “The land of the free because of the brave.” However, countless veterans struggle to reacclimate themselves back into civilian life after service. The struggles often arise with the Veterans Administration (VA) and the legal system. This year’s symposium features three panels, each geared towards addressing the legal issues facing veterans and offering advice for change.  

Browse the contents of 2023 - Invisible Wounds of War: Legal Issues Facing Veterans:

Panel 3: A Legislator's Ability to Affect Change in the Lives of Veterans
Panel 2: The Veterans Administration's (VA) Role in Veteran Mental and Physical Health
Panel 1: Veterans in the Court System and the Need for Veteran Treatment Courts