A Taste of Justice: Congress' “Enumerated Powers” (1)?

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This series is designed to help my students, who are learning remotely, to take a soak in the law and not a quick shower. And, this series is for you too! Our constitution says it is established for “We the People” and one of its goals is to establish justice. So, my series is designed to give you a taste of justice by inspiring your learning about our nation’s constitution. This particular presentation is about Congressional Powers. The federal or national government has three co-equal branches. Our constitution created and limited each branch. Also, the constitution leaves some authority to the states and individuals. This presentation focuses on Congress. Remember from our discussion from the first few videos, Congress has enumerated powers (Const. Art. I, sec.1, "herein granted"). This presentation will focus on the, arguably, enlargement of Congress' powers under the Necessary and Proper Clause and the, arguably, enlargement then the, possibly, contraction of Congress' powers under the Commerce clause.

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