A Taste of Justice: Current Constitutional Conflicts (4), Law Students’ Position Statements, 2020

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Our constitution says it is established for “We the People” and one of its goals is to establish justice. So, my series is designed to give you a taste of justice by inspiring your learning about our nation’s constitution. As indicated in Current Constitutional Conflicts (1), my students researched and wrote a Student Position Statement on a Current Constitutional Conflict. There are so many constitutional conflicts in 2020. This week was another lively and engaging week. My students presenting were very prepared, respectful and set an example of how we can engage on topics we disagree about with mutual respect. The topics they presented included many COVID 19 related topics including restrictions on churches, varying governmental approaches, Bar exam unequal treatments. And there were topics focusing on gender, including: The Equality Act and gender designations, the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion rights, the Affordable Care Act and women's privacy rights. Watch the video to hear my summaries about my students' positions and to learn from them about constitutional debates...Remember, it is all about the learning...and by learning about the Constitution...we become more enlightened, and we achieve justice...or...at least, a taste of justice.

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