A Taste of Justice: Current Constitutional Conflicts (1), Law Students’ Position Statements, 2020

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Our constitution says it is established for “We the People” and one of its goals is to establish justice. So, my series is designed to give you a taste of justice by inspiring your learning about our nation’s constitution. I have not posted for a few weeks. My Con Law students have been very busy. First, my students took a week-long take-home essay exam. THEN my students took another few weeks to research and write a Student Position Statement on a Current Constitutional Conflict. There are so many constitutional conflicts in 2020. These conflicts range from who gets to determine if voters may vote absentee or by mail during a pandemic…to conflicts about the right to bear arms …to whether government can require the wearing of face masks in public...to Presidential duties and powers. This week my students started delivering 10-minute oral presentations of their position statements in class. This week was very exciting and a bit tense, but my students were very prepared, respectful and set an example of how we can engage on topics we disagree about with mutual respect. Watch the video to hear my summaries about my students' positions and to learn from them about constitutional debates...Remember, it is all about the learning...and by learning about the Constitution...we get, at least, a taste of justice.

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