A Taste of Justice: 1st Amend. (1) A Few Basic Speech Rules, with Professor Angela Mae Kupenda

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This video provides an introduction to the speech clauses of the First Amendment. The purpose of this presentation is to offer a few basic rules to use as guides in applying the First Amendment. The three rules introduced here are: (1) First Amendment rights are not absolute; (2) Pure Conduct is not protected by the First Amendment, Pure Speech may be; and (3) Generally, government may not regulate the content of Pure Speech UNLESS...and there are several unless-es. This video is to provide my students supplemental instruction, as I teach them remotely. I want them to "take a soak" in the law and not a quick shower. This video is also designed to provide learning to the broader community. Learning can lead to enlightenment, and enlightenment to justice...or, at least, to a taste of justice.