A Taste of Justice: 1st Amend. (15) Right to Associate & Right Not to Associate & Right Not to Speak

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The First Amendment addresses Freedom of Speech, two Religion Clauses, the Press, and the Right of the People to Peaceably Assemble and Petition the Government. The express text does not mention the Right to Associate, Right Not to Associate, and Right Not to Speak. However, the Court has held that the Associational Right is an independent right included in the First amendment. This presentation takes a look at Associational Rights. This YouTube Channel is designed to provide my students supplemental instruction, as I teach them remotely. I want them to "take a soak" in the law and not a quick shower. This Channel is also designed to provide learning to the broader community. Learning can lead to enlightenment, and enlightenment to justice...or, at least, to a taste of justice.

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