A Taste of Justice -- a little taste of Con Law, State Action (1)

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This series about the Constitution and Justice is likely for you: **If you hope for more justice in our society? **If you believe in achieving the promises of the Preamble of our Constitution? (“We the people of the United States in order to... establish Justice....") **If you believe learning is a path to freedom, enlightenment and justice? **If you are one of my current students? smile This series is designed to offer the students in my Con Law class and the students in my Civil Rights Lawsuits Course (42 U.S.C. sec.1983) more opportunities in short clips to consider, review, and more deeply engage with the materials. This series is to encourage them, and us all, to take "a soak" in the law and not just a quick shower in these principles. **If you are thinking about attending law school OR just want to learn more about the law and some of what the country is going through to better discuss (debate) and build with others? Then this series is for you.

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