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In May 2003, I attended the New Deans Course in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This event took place several months before I assumed my responsibilities as the Dean of Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson, Mississippi (“MC Law”). Although some “repeat deans” attended this course, the great majority were serving as deans for the first time. A topic of discussion amongst those deans was the question of how long they planned to serve. Even at this early juncture, some knew that in the not too distant future they would be returning to the faculty to resume teaching. Others took the view that a dean’s position was the one to which they had aspired, and that they planned to remain in the position until retirement. Yet others planned to seek another dean position that was more prominent or more in sync with their personal circumstances. Others hoped to move into central university administration or other prominent positions. A common question raised in this discussion was “What is the average tenure of a law school dean?”