A Taste of Justice: What’s Slavery Got to do with it? Race & Equal Protection

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This presentation explores the Equal Protection clause in the Constitution and whether the continuing inequality in our society has roots, and some branches, going back to slavery in America and even before in the treatment of nonwhites. The explorations include: (1) Slavery provides the roots for our reluctance to openly discuss race and the law, and our way of pretending inequality is not really serious; (2) The system of slavery made it unlawful to teach slaves and this educational inequality is still rooted in educational disparities; (3) Slavery denied citizenship rights to slaves and to free Blacks, and now continuing struggles as to birthright citizenship and with the continued voting challenges; (4) Slavery is supported by allowing subtle racial inequality, and spinning a different story about inequality as some did with slavery conditions. (5) Others? What do you think?

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