A Taste of Justice: 1st Amend. (6) Invalid, Vague, Overbroad, State Action, Selective Inc., Chilling

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This presentation explains a number of terms that will be important as we continue the discussion of unprotected categories of speech. Remember, generally, government may not regulate the Content of Pure Speech UNLESS...and there are several unless-es. Generally, government may not regulate the Content of Pure Speech UNLESS government meets the most exacting level of scrutiny. However, government may regulate the Content of Pure Speech if the speech is in an UNPROTECTED category (which government generally may regulate with a low level rational basis). The first category of unprotected speech discussed was "Speech that Advocates Illegal Action." This presentation will explain several terms including:Invalid on its Face, Invalid as Applied, Vagueness Doctrine, Overbreadth Doctrine, State Action, Selective Incorporation, and what it means to Chill Speech. The presentation will close with an introduction to the next category of unprotected speech we will discuss: Defamation. This YouTube Channel is designed to provide my students supplemental instruction, as I teach them remotely. I want them to "take a soak" in the law and not a quick shower. This Channel is also designed to provide learning to the broader community. Learning can lead to enlightenment, and enlightenment to justice...or, at least, to a taste of justice.

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